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The Coaching Model

The Wheel Of Peak Performance Model:
“Success doesn't come to go to it.” Marva Collins
The Wheel of Peak Performance Model illustrates the great process in which the client and coach are getting through each session. The client is always in the center having all the resources necessary to put the wheel in motion. The coach is facilitating the process using specific coaching tools.
I reach to clients that want to be the best of the best, who want to get better every day, who work for their excellence. So, this model have four major steps that support the client in reaching their great performance in life and work. In each step I use power tools that help my client to get awareness, valuable goals, an action plan and support.
            Active listening
            Effective Feedback
            Powerful Questions    
Through Active listening and Effective Feedback the client is able to have a sounding board and gain clarity about her situation.
Powerful questions help client to go deeper, analyze and see what’s she holding on and cannot move forward. By using this tool my client gets awareness and a deep understanding of what keeps her in achieving her goals.
Goal Setting
            Value-based Goals
            SMART Goals
Goals have to be aligned with our values, with our purpose in life and they have to be authentic. I work with my client for clarifying these values, then to set goals that she can really feel and take responsibility for.
Having a SMART based Goal (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound) keep the client focused on a purpose and create fulfillment.
To have great performance we need to be committed to our goals and purpose, to look toward success and to see the challenges and opportunities in our life. During our sessions we explore all of these looking for the next step to take.
Action Plan
            Changing Perspectives
            Facilitating Change
Having set the goals then we move forward into developing the action plan. I support the client in taking all the necessary steps in creating a structure that will lead her toward performance.
By using power tools the client will find different perspectives to look at her options and finding solutions and strategies that lead to a plan of action.
Moving forward usually includes a change in life, habits, work etc. By being supportive and empathic I accompany my client in her journey to learning and changing.
My client holds herself accountable and responsible to take a specific action and she reports to me about how it went. If she forgets, I ask my client about it in order to be sure that she is still focused and determined to move forward. I always check if her main goals are still in place and she is committed to work for them.
As a coach I am always there for my client. Being present, enthusing and celebrating each important moment I bring positive energy into coaching process and support the client in every decision she makes or does.
I acknowledge my client for what’s already working in her life or business. In this way I create more awareness to my client and gives her a great perspective about what she already achieved.