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Why should I work with a coach?

There is a moment in our life when we realize that something has to change. It could be our career, our relationship, our time spend with the family, our goals or we just know that it’s the perfect moment for us to move forward, to extend our limits, our knowledge and our skills.

Do you have daring goals or dreams? It could be a tough journey , but having a coach near you it can give you all the support you need.

Being in a process of change or personal development we often feel that we need a partner. Someone who is there for us, keep us focus, motivate and encourage us to take action.

Think about starting a running routine. Going by yourself, alone, it’s not so motivating and we tend to stop after the first weeks. But having a partner to run with will make our time more enjoyable, we keep going, it’s motivating and we know that is someone who we can discuss and have fun with. This will help us to achieve our goal easier.

A coach is exactly this partner with whom you build a strong relationship and a process of inquiry, exploring your boundaries, your dreams, your goals, motivating you and keeping accountability,  acknowledge you and giving you real feedback.

Because of this great process, coaching facilitates the process of learning. After several sessions we acknowledge that we are willing to learn and discover more about us, about what it is important and valuable in our life and is a process of maximizing our performance. And we love it and we want more!