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Monica Nicolescu


Monica Nicolescu is a certified professional coach working with people who seek for continuous developing of their skills and want to live their life at the peak. Monica brings into coaching relationship an authentic source of energy, creating a trustful environment where you can focus on your needs and dreams and the actions that are needed to be taken in order for you to live your life that you deserve.

Her background experience from a technical person working in one of the biggest IT company in the country to managing a product department, working closely with clients and her team gives a good understanding of the challenges that a manager is facing in his daily routine.

This analytical experience combined with her natural skills in carefully listening to people and encouraging them to live their life fully, creates a unique combination of passion and pragmatism in her work as coach.  She always brings positive energy into coaching relationship and sustains her clients in their actions to achieve their desire objectives.

She is an ICF member and a Certified Professional Coach certified by the International Coach Academy. For more information regarding the ICF Code of Ethics please access the ICF official website.